Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Traveler's Prayer

Jesus, thank You so much for the opportunity to travel.

Thank You that I get to live at the apex of human history where I have the money and ability to see the world.

Thank you that I get enough time off of my job to explore other countries or visit my home country regularly.


I pray that you would help me to be a blessing to others in another country.

Make me generous enough to give to those who ask, whether or not I think they deserve it.

Give me a heart and foresight to buy extra food for the poor and needy.

Help me to tip well and truly be thankful for any service rendered to me.

Open my mouth to share the hope that is within me if an opportunity arises.

Also, help me to be a blessing to the people I'm traveling with, whether it's family or friends. Help me to put their needs above my own.

Give me the mind of Christ to be humble towards them.

Strengthen me to lead well in difficult situations.

Empower me to have devotions or a time of prayer throughout the vacation with others with whom I am traveling.

Support me as I try to listen to Your Spirit when interacting with my friends or family.

Finally, I ask that you would use this time to make me more like You.

Let this time be an opportunity to have my emotional and spiritual batteries recharged.

Allow my trip be enjoyable for me and, even more importantly, pleasing and glorifying to You.

Help me not to forget that I'm blessed to be a blessing.

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